10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Happy Friiiiiday everyone! With tomorrow been St. Patricks Day, I think I can guess what everyone’s plans are for the weekend:) For today’s blog post I thought I would share with you 10 things I can’t live without – family and friends are a given so I won’t include them on the list! This is a light hearted, fun list (apart from number 6, that s#*t is serious!) of things that I use all the time and that I honestly don’t ever want to be without:)

 1. Photo’s

Starting with the soppy one, I love having pictures around the house! I kind of miss the disposable cameras as we had no choice but to print the pictures to see how they turned out, now we just have a drawer full of memory cards…

2. Skype

Been so far from home is really hard and you start to miss everyone’s face, so thank God for Skype!

3. Lip Balm

It may sound weird but I keep little tins of Vaseline everywhere! This is my most favourite lip balm, I use these all the time and have done for years.

4. Snow Boots

Thanks to the Edmonton winters, I wear my snow boots for about four or five months out of the year. There really is no better way to ruin a perfectly nice outfit that with a pair of big winter boots!

5. Mascara

Might be my most favourite makeup product, mascara:) I mentioned this before in my February Favourites, I use the L’Oréal Voluminous mascara, and I LOVE it.

6. My Contact Lenses

I have to wear contact lenses or glasses as, well; I cannot function without them basically! I have seriously bad eyesight and have to wear one or the other all the time.

7. My Laptop & Camera

I use both of these all the time. My laptop I use constantly, obviously because I need to write up my blog posts and do some edit m videos. I am actually in the midst of sussing out a new laptop at the minute! My camera I have about a year now, and although I use the camera on my phone a lot, I love using my actual camera:)

8. My Car

I was soooo nervous about driving here in Edmonton when I first started, but I can’t imagine been without a car now! Although there are buses running constantly, there is nothing like your own wheels and independence and even if she has over three hundred thousand on her, she’s still going strong!

9. Biscuits

My absolute downfall, a mug of tea and a half a pack of chocolate hob nobs…the perfect evening!

10. Comfies

The little old lady that I am, I love getting into my sweats and chilling out, with that mug of tea and half a pack of hobnobs:)

What’s on your can’t live without list?

Have a great Paddy’s Day:)

Rachel x

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