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12 Things To Do At Home While Social Distancing

We are currently living through something that nobody ever imagined could happen, something that normally only happens in movies. Some people are going through an incredibly hard time with what is going on, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs and cancellations of weddings are just a few. I am not writing this blog post to make light of such a serious situation, but rather to give a bit of a distraction for those who might want it and to be honest, writing it has helped distract me! We should remember that we will come out the other side of this and have a new found appreciation for catching up with friends and hugging family! In the meantime, we are all (and if you are not you should be) practising social distancing. This means we are limited in what we can do day to day so we have to get creative and find things that we can do about the house to keep us occupied. If you are homeschooling or working from home while minding kids, well then you are sorted and probably already have enough to do! If you are in need of some ideas to help keep you occupied then read on for 12 things to do at home while social distancing.

1. Structure Your Day or Week

Having some sort of structure is always good. Plan out your day’s and get up at a decent time in the morning. Schedule when you want to declutter, clean, have lunch, go for a walk. Getting through your days like this gives a feeling of accomplishment.

2. Sort Photographs

This is a project I did recently. I started with printing a years worth of photos, dated them all on the back, put the place the picture was taken on some and put them all in a photo album. This takes a bit of time so something fun to get stuck into. Its also very handy that when you take pictures on your phone they are date stamped so if are printing photos from years ago, the date is there for you!

3. DIY Projects

Big or small getting stuck into a DIY project is a great way to pass time and give yourself a sense of achievement when you are finished. Start small if you prefer even if it is spray panting or painting a few photo frames or painting your chest of drawers. Here are links to a couple of YouTube videos I did that might give you some inspiration, my Ikea mirror hack and barcart hack. There are also loads of great instaagram accounts you can follow, I recently discovered Wioleta Kelly’s Instagram where she shares some really great DIY projects!

4. Start A Blog or Youtube Channel

Maybe this is something that you have been thinking about for a while. Well, maybe now is the time? Why put it off any longer! You can set up some blog sites for free and it is very easy to setup a YouTube channel. Go for it!

5. Get Creative In The Kitchen

I bet you have loads of cookbooks in the house, grab one and get cooking! No cookbooks, then google is your friend! There are also lots of great quick cooking videos on Instagram, Niamh O’Sullivan has some great recipes to check out!

6. Get Outside When You Can

Take full advantage of the good weather and the free time to get outside and into the fresh air and you can take this from someone who lives in a country where winter last for months! Just make sure that you are adhering to the social distancing guidelines!

7. Watch Programmes to Make You Laugh

We all need a laugh right now so turn off the news for a while and put on something to give you a laugh! Brooklyn Nine Nine, Friday Night Dinner and, if you are in Ireland, Gogglebox will give you a good laugh.

8. Make A Jigsaw

So you are either going to find this really therapeutic or this will crack you up, there is only one way to find out!

9. Read & Relax

Take some time to grab a good book and lie back and relax, you probably deserve it😊 If you are not a fan of reading then download Audible and listen to a book while tidying or decluttering. My favourite is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. If you are looking where to go to look for some good book recommendations, you can check out some of my book reviews here and there are also then here are some of great book bloggers to check out – Chloe from @nursefancypants , Sara from @sarawimmreads , Amy from @amysbookshelf and Beth from @booksnest.

10. Declutter

Now is the time to do those menial tasks you have been putting off, like the decluttering. Get you wardrobe ready for Spring/Summer, sort out the hot press, declutter under the bathroom sink…I could go on!

11. Start An Online Course

Maybe it’s time to research and start that online course you have been thinking about? Interior design, photography, bookkeeping, there are so many!

12. Plan A Marathon Movie Day

Get some goodies, get cosy and start watching some of your favourite films – maybe a Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter Day?

Thanks for reading, stay safe and if you need more information on the Covid-19, then head to the World Health Organisation website.

Rachel x

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