5 Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Hi everyone, thank you for popping by! So today is the most dreaded day of the week…Monday. It’s ok I am here to (hopefully) help with those Mondays blues! This is the first post in my new weekly series I like to call Motivation Monday:) So each Monday I will upload a new blog post dedicated to motivation and wellness. We spend our time looking after our bodies by eating right and exercising, that we need to make sure that we are also looking after our mental wellbeing. Been encouraged, inspired and motivated are key to having a positive attitude, which will in turn help us have a positive outlook on life. So now I will stop rambling and share with you 5 steps to achieve your goals.

Ok, so I know we are well into January now and everyone is sick and tired of hearing about resolutions and goals and all that. What we need to remember is that goals can be set throughout the year as well as at the start of a new year. Personally, I like to set goals for the whole year ahead. If you haven’t set yours, or just need a little inspiration, then here is how you can start:

1. Write them Down

I know I have briefly touched on this in a previous post, but I would like to elaborate a little. Write down everything you want to achieve in 2018, no matter how big or small. If you want to stop smoking, write it down, if you want to start your own business write it down. Cover all areas of your life, health, career and life in general.

In my post about what I want to achieve in 2018, I talked about life in general, travel and Rachel’s Road. I didn’t mention my career. I did debate adding it in, but sometimes when you put all that you want to achieve on a website for the world to see, well it can be a little daunting! But you know what, if the idea behind Motivation Monday is give a little inspiration then I will have to just lay it all out there. So what I failed to mention or was too ‘shy’ to mention is that this year I want to get my Real Estate Licence.  So there you go, now there are no secrets between us!

2. Read It Out Load

So now that you have written down all that you want from this year, read it out load. Honestly, reading it out loud instead of in your head makes it more believable, more real. Read it out load and believe that you can achieve it!

3. Envision What You Want

By this I mean…a vision board. Have you ever created one of these before? I started mine in November and this is the first time that I have ever done one of these! I have to say I really like them! So if your aims for the year include travelling, saving money to re-decorate your sitting room, buy a new car or getting fit, whatever they maybe go through old magazines or print pictures from the internet that relate to what your dream year looks like (your dream holiday destination, your dream sitting room etc.).

I have shared a picture of mine below to give you some inspiration! It doesn’t have to be fancy and you can fill it as with as much or as few pictures as you like. Mine is very basic, but you will also get a little sneak peak of my new logo:) Make sure you leave your vision board somewhere you will see it every day, this will help keep you focused.

4. Stay Focused

Which leads me into number four – stay focused. I know this can be difficult, but anytime you are feeling a bit deflated (it happens to us all) then ask yourself why you started? Why did you decide to go back to college? Why did you want to give up the cigarettes? Why did you want to start your own business? Why did you want to start a blog? Remember, there is a reason that you have set all of these goals, you just need to remind yourself why that was ever so often:)

5. Recognise When You Have Succeeded

This is Very Important (so important that I have put the text in bold!). We are so quick to be hard on ourselves and put ourselves down when we ‘fail’ or when something doesn’t work out. We should make a point to stop and acknowledge how well we are doing! That ‘self-praise is no praise’ is crap! Don’t be afraid to clap yourself on the back and recognise when you are six months off the cigarettes, or when you have sat through your first set of exams in ten years and survived! It’s not about been arrogant, it’s about believing in yourself.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

Rachel x


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