5 Things I Hope To Achieve in 2018

After a slight hiatus of my blog, I’m back and my first post of 2018 is the 5 Things I Hope to Achieve in 2018. I cannot believe how quickly 2017 went, which makes me more determined to make the most of this year as time is flying by!

Have you made a list of aims or resolutions for 2018? There is something about putting pen to paper and seeing what you want to achieve written right there in front of you. It somehow makes the things you want to achieve like they actually really are achievable…if that makes sense?! My list is pretty short and sweet but it may encourage you to make a list of your own 🙂

1. Travel

I have a HUGE list of places I want to see, but with only so many holiday days from work, I will have to be a bit picky about where to go! Jamaica, San Francisco and Montreal are on the list for this year!

2. Read More

Avoid Netflix and read more, put down the phone and read more. I love reading and towards the end of 2017 I got back into it, maybe because I was up to date with Game of Thrones…and Peaky Blinders…!!

3. Get Fit

Don’t we all have this aim for the start of a new year?! I sit at a desk all day, so getting out and getting active is important.

4. Rachel’s Road

I do have specifics of what I want to do with my blog throughout the year and I spent a lot of December getting myself organised and planning. I definitely includes more regular blog posts and more YouTube videos!

5. Be More Grateful

Yep, it’s as simple as that! Are you guilty of taking life and everything in it for granted, because I certainly am? Last year, I choose a particular picture to go at the bottom of our stairs and it says ‘Start each day with a grateful heart’. I purposely put this on the stairs so that each morning I would see it and it would remind me that life is good and how lucky I really am 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Rachel x


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