5 Tips To Make Your Day Easier

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a fairly quiet one but we did go out for dinner and few drinks with friends on Saturday night which was so nice:) So today’s Motivational Monday post are 5 tips to make your day easier. I am sharing some very basic things that I do all the time to keep, to help make my day go a little smoother!

1. Organise Your Clothes

Do you ever go to your wardrobe in the morning and stand there staring at all your clothes and say “I have nothing to wear” and end up scrambling trying to put an outfit together? I absolutely hate that! So each night before I go to bed I make sure that I have my clothes laid out for the next morning, sometimes even for a couple of days. Organise the night before and your mornings will be soooo much smoother!

2. Invest In A Slow Cooker

I might be way behind the times here, but I didn’t buy one of these until I moved to Canada. If I haven’t been organised over the weekend and cooked a couple of meals, then the slow cooker is so handy. Our house is a little more awkward too as I don’t eat meat, but Simon does so we normally have to make two different meals.

Anyway, this is a big time safer. So the night before, I do all the prep. For example, if I am making stew, then I will have all the veg prepped and leave in a saucepan of water in the fridge. In the morning all I have to do is throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker, turn it on and away I go. 

*I leave my slow cooker on unattended but make sure you refer to the recommendations of your own slow cooker *

3. Don’t Sit Down When You Get Home From Work

You may not have a chance to do this anyway if you have kids as, well you probably don’t get a chance to relax for a minute! But for me who has the option, then I avoid putting my arse on the couch as once I sit down, that’s it, I lose all motivation to get up and do whatever is on my list to do that evening! So instead, as soon as I come in the door, then I start whatever little tasks I have to do that evening, including getting ready for the next day, working on the blog, a quick tidy wherever needs it and then when all of that is done, then I can relax for a little bit before bed!

4. Make Your Lunch The Night Before

I have lost track of the amount of times I have said, “ah no, it’s grand, sure I’ll make my lunch in the morning”….NEVER happens! I either totally forget, or just don’t have enough time! I am really trying to get better at this, as it is a great way to save a few bob every week too! I usually make a bit extra dinner and then, if I am not a complete horse and eat it all, then I will bring leftovers to work. It’s the easiest way to make sure you have your lunch prepped!

5. Make A List

I love a good list as much as Father Beechy loves a good mass! If I don’t write it down, then it’s not going to happen, simple as that! I literally write everything down, as I am known to be a ‘tad’ forgetful! So on my list’s for Thursday was, make eye appointment, order contact lenses, call mobile phone company, you get the general idea. If I don’t get it done that day, then it goes on the list for the next day. Easy!

I hope that some of these tips will help you:)

Have a great week!

Rachel x


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