6 Tips for Surviving The First Two Weeks With A Newborn

Needless to say the first few weeks pass by in a blur of feeding, burping, nappies and baby cuddles so I thought I would share 6 tips for surviving the first two weeks with a newborn. It is really a time where day and night are the same. It’s got to be hard for little babies, been all snuggly and warm in the womb and then WHAM, there they are out in the big bad world! Its an adjustment for babies for also an adjustment for Mam and Dad too. The first couple of nights in particular can be quite hard, but just remember, they are hard for everyone!

1. It Will Get Easier

I think the first thing to mention is important to know that it will get easier. We were fore warned that the second night with a newborn is the hardest, but for us the second night was great! It was the third night that was the real tester! Our little lady would not settle on her own in her bassinet and just wanted to be held allllll night. Needless to say, this didn’t last and the next night was much better and she slept by herself in her bassinet.

2. Prep & Freeze Some Dinners

This was so handy! A couple of weeks before you are due, write out a list of dinners that you want to make, go get all your ingredient’s and plan a day of cooking! Believe me, you will thank yourself later😊 When you are exhausted the last thing you want to do is make dinner and it is still important to eat a decent meal. The hardest thing there is to remember to take the dinner out of the freezer to defrost the night before!

3. Rest As Much As You Can

Now, I know this is not always possible, and probably impossible in some cases, especially if there are other kids in the house, but if you can, get as much rest as you can. Don’t worry if the house is upside down. Your body has been through a hell of a lot and you will feel sore so just focus on yourself and baby😊

4. You Don’t Need Much Stuff To Keep Baby Happy

Don’t feel like you need to have all the ‘baby essentials’. You really don’t need much in the first little while. Once baby is feed, has a clean bum and gets lots of cuddles they are happy. So do not stress yourself or stretch yourself financially by buying loads of unnecessary baby stuff! You can check out what you REALLY need in my Newborn Essentials post.

5. Put Down The Books

Although there are some books that I am sure have some useful information, remember to trust your own instinct too. Chat to other parents to if you need advice!

6. Prepare To Cry At Everything

The baby blues are a real thing and can last well after two weeks. You may feel perfectly happy and content and then just start crying for absolutely no reason. I had many spontaneous crying sessions! I have to mention that it is important that you look after yourself and if you feel that these are not simply baby blues or that you are feeling low that you talk to someone.

And that’s my tips to survive the first two weeks with a newborn! If you have any additional tips to add, please leave them in the comments below!

6 Tips for Surviving The First Two Weeks With A Newborn

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