April Favourites

Welcome back to another blogpost, and yes we are already at another monthly favourites…seriously where is time going?! All I will say is, I am glad to see the end of April and feel a little heat, that was the longest winter ever:(  Anyway, lets get straight into what I have been loving this month with my April favourites!

1.  Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight

I have just finished this audio book and it is sooooo good, I highly recommend that you add this to your to read list! Phil Knight is a co-founder of Nike and shares his story of how Nike was created, all the challenges he faced and focuses a lot on his personal life. It really is a fantastic story of how he created a billion dollar company.

2. Swimming Lessons

So far I have had three lessons and I have gone from clinging to the wall in the deep end too afraid to let go, to diving (well mostly belly flopping) into the deep end! Can you tell I am chuffed with myself?! I am in a group with 8 other adults and I was not the only petrified of the deep water, but everyone just stood at the side of the pool, bit the bullet and dived in. There’s still lots to learn, but so far so good:)

3. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick

I really don’t wear a lot of lipstick, but I wanted to start wearing it more when I go out. I bought this one mostly as I loved the shade, it’s called ‘Dreamer’ and it’s such a pretty pale pink colour. What I loved most about this is that it does actually last for ages. I ate and drank and it still stayed on, so it is definitely worth the money!

4. Erase Your Face Cloth

I have been using this every single day for the last two and half months and I absolutely LOVE it! I was using a face wipe and then micellar water to remove my makeup every night and then I would use my cleanser, but always still had break outs around my chin and mouth. Then my sister in law got me this cloth as part of my Christmas present and since I started using it, I stopped using face wipes and the micellar water. It completely removes all traces of makeup, mascara and all and honestly, my skin has never been as clear. I am not sure if it is completely down to this little cloth, but I didn’t really change anything else in my cleansing routine so…well I am going to buy another one! My niece, who is so sweet, sent me over The Cleanser Off Mitt which I am hoping is just as good:)

I hope you enjoyed this months favourites which was, as always, short and sweet:)

Thanks so much for reading, 

Rachel x

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