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Weekend in Banff

Welcome back to my blog:) This post is all about our weekend camping in Banff! If you have already watched my vlog, you will have seen what we got up to already but I thought I would also write a blog post just to cover the finer details about where we stayed etc. so here it is!

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10 Things You Need To Know About Camping In Jasper

Camping in Jasper was surprisingly a lot more pleasant than I thought it would be! Considering my last camping experience was at Oxygen years and years ago, I thought that camping with bears would be much worse, but it turns out, camping at Oxygen was!

I am by no means an expert on camping but I have compiled a short list of tips that may help any first time visitors camping in Jasper. I definitely recommend it, it is lots of fun and made all the more pleasant by having clean bathrooms and hot showers on the campgrounds!


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