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How To Have A Fast Labor
Pregnancy & Labour

How To Have A Fast Labour (Even As A First Time Mum)

As a first time mother, you  probably have all heard those horror stories, the 36 hour labour that ended up with an emergency c-section or been 2 weeks overdue and having a 24 hour labour. Although it’s important to know and be aware and prepared for anything to happen during your labour you, more importantly, …

Pregnancy & Labour

12 Pregnancy Essentials – (Must Haves & Must Do’s)

Pregnancy for everyone is different, which would mean everyone’s pregnancy essentials, must haves and must do’s, are a little different. Some people have severe morning sickness, some have none whatsoever (lucky you!!). Some people breeze through the whole 40 weeks and some really really struggle. I have to say I had a good pregnancy. I …