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Weekend in Banff

Welcome back to my blog:) This post is all about our weekend camping in Banff! If you have already watched my vlog, you will have seen what we got up to already but I thought I would also write a blog post just to cover the finer details about where we stayed etc. so here it is!

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Road Trip

Part 1

Jasper to Whistler

Our week long road trip was brilliant! We seen so much and enjoyed it all the more as my sister and brother in law flew over from Ireland to visit us for a couple of weeks. They first came over in October of 2015 so we had already showed them some of Edmonton, Banff and Lake Louise, so we all agreed that this time a short road trip would be fun.

As I tend to ramble a bit, I decided to break this trip up into two blog posts, so keep an eye out for Part 2!

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