Check In On Your Goals

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog:) If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen that for the next few weeks I will only be posting one blog post a week! I am working on changing up my posts a little bit:) Anyway, for today’s post, I thought that it might be a good idea to check in on your goals.

So at the start of the year I, like most people, wrote down a few things that I would like to achieve this year, you can read them here. Honestly, so far I am going mostly ok with most of my goals. Probably what I most slacking in is the fitness and definitely travel…BUT I did start swimming lessons (finally!), so this helping me with my fitness aim, but I know I could do a lot better. I am just waiting for some paperwork to go through so I can start studying soon as well!

I think what happens if we don’t leave our lists of goals out somewhere where we see them every day, then we can ‘forget’ or lose interest in achieving them. How are your goals going so far? Good? Not so good? Here are some ways that can help get you back on track:

  • If some of your goals are too big them break them down into smaller, more manageable or realistic steps
  • Create a checklist/keep track of your progress. Visually seeing your progress is a huge help. Leave it out somewhere you will see it everyday
  • Reward yourself! You have worked hard and you should acknowledge your progress
  • Lastly, like I have said many times before, remind yourself why you wanted to achieve this goal in the first place

I hope that this check in has helped you review your goals and help get you back on track! You can also check out 

Have a great weekend:)


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