Easy DIY Autumn Wreath

Autumn, the most wonderful time of the year, am I right?! Well in my opinion anyway, it is the best season! Unfortunately, living in Alberta, I feel like I blink and I have missed Autumn, winter likes to take over wayyyy sooner than it should Yes, I still like to dress the house up for Autumn and ignore the Winter weather outside! So you are here because you want to see how to make a very easy DIY Autumn wreath, then just keep reading!

I would love to have a wreath on my door for every season. I have had a Christmas wreath for the last couple of years and this is my first year to have an Autumn wreath and well I feel like I cheated making this wreath as it was such an easy DIY project? I basically used three main things to create this wreath, all of these I bought at Michaels, a bare wreath, an Autumn garland, and a ribbon.

The first thing to do is take one end of the garland and secure it into wreath.

Next, simply start entwining the garland around the wreath (don’t worry about getting it perfect just yet, you can play around with the position of the leaves at the end).

Once the garland is wrapped around the wreath, then secure the other end into the wreath.

Now you can start tweaking the leaves and making them sit properly on the wreath! Decide which way is up, and what part you will place the bow on.

And now for the bow! You can obviously buy pre-made bows, although you may pay a little bit more, but really the bow is not too difficult to make, I think its harder to explain how to make it, so I hope the pictures are helpful! I used 4 & 1/2 ft. of ribbon to make this bow.   

First step is to get one end of the ribbon and wrap it a couple of times (just wrap it around two fingers for ease), this will be the ‘middle’ of bow.

Next you need to the loop the ribbon back on itself, creating a loop on one side of the ‘middle’ of the bow.

Then loop the ribbon to the opposite side of the ‘middle’ of the bow, and then continue a back and forth motion creating loops (of the same size ideally!). You are basically layering the ribbon. I made three loops on both sides which was a perfect size for my wreath.

Next, you need to get a piece of wire, or what I used was a piece of gold ribbon as I had no wire (works the same!) and insert this into the centre of the ‘middle’ part of the bow. Then twist the wire (in my case, tie the gold ribbon) to the back of bow to secure the loops that you have made.


Now at this stage it really doesn’t look like much, but stick at it, it will be great! Once the wire/gold ribbon has been secured then turn it back to the front and measure how long you want the ribbons end, then simply cut the ribbon. Cut at an angle for a nicer effect.

Next, cut a separate length of ribbon that will be slightly longer than the ribbon end. This piece will be an extra loop and also the other ribbon end so don’t cut yourself too short of a piece! Then insert this piece of ribbon into the ‘middle’ of the bow, the same place where you inserted the wire (in my case gold ribbon), to tie the bow.

Then loop create a loop at the top of the bow and secure at the back. Again wire is great, or glue, but I simply used a stapler, nobody can see the staples and it was convenient!

Last step and this is probably what takes the longest, is ‘fluffing’ out the loops to make the whole thing look like a beautiful bow! Once you have this done and you are happy with the how the loops and the ribbon ends look, then take the stapler and staple the ribbon again to secure everything into place.

Then just attach the bow with wire or ribbon to the wreath and there you have it, the easiest DIY Autumn/Fall wreath!

I hope you have fun making yours! I would love to hear how it turns out? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by,

Rachel x  

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