Easy Pumpkin Waffles

I am still embracing all things Autumn/Fall and with this comes a recipe with some sort of pumpkin-ey goodness…and of course it involves the best meal of the day – BREAKFAST! This pumpkin waffle recipe is very easy and very delicious?

Does anybody else like breakfast for dinner, otherwise known as Brinner? Well, if you do then this is a perfect dinner substitute, believe me! When I made this recipe for the blog, I was still eating waffles come dinner time!

This are served best with pecans and lashings of maple syrup…if you don’t like either of those things then add some butter, chocolate spread, bananas, vanilla ice cream or whatever you fancy!   

For added pumpkin-ey goodness you can up the amount of pumpkin spice for a stronger flavour, for me one heaped teaspoon was plenty!


Rachel x

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