Happy Christmas

We arrived in Edmonton on 21st December 2013 to -23° C temperatures. Never felt cold like it, until the day it hit -40° C. An apartment had been arranged for us through Simon’s work so we lucky to have a nice place to call home for Christmas. It was a pretty different Christmas for us, and our first ever away from our families and unfortunately we had no internet to Skype and no TV, it was just me, Simon, a 10lb turkey and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy DVD!

Snow Pic Edmonton

Simon started work straight away and I started my job hunt. To be honest I was very lucky with my job search, some great people took a chance on me and I am currently still working for the same company, and have been fortunate enough to meet some of the best people I know through my work. I work in a job that I never thought I could and have been fortunate enough to have been given a great opportunity.

A huge part of moving abroad is going outside your comfort zone, sometimes you just have no choice. It’s all about trying things you have never tried before. Whether it be going down a totally different career path or finally doing that sky dive that you have always thought about doing, even learning to drive in a new country, just go for it!

Comfort Zone Quote

On The Move Again…and Again

Over the next few months Simon’s brother, his girlfriend and our little nephew moved to Edmonton and in August we moved house again.

Needless to say the next Christmas definitely felt more Christmassy as it was spent with family. Our nieces and nephews are pretty much our most favourite people and with six other nieces and nephews at home (at that time, now there are eight!), it was great to have one in Edmonton with us, and sure four weeks later we had another little nephew and the first little Canadian in the family!! A week and a half after the new arrival we all moved house AGAIN…you would think that we enjoy moving or something?

It can be sometimes difficult to get a lease that is less than a year, but if you have no idea what the area is like, or if you don’t know if you want to live in the City or on outskirts of the city, then try to find a month to month or at the most a six month lease. You will sometimes pay more for a month to month lease, but the last thing you want to do is tie yourself to a one year lease and be living in an area that you dislike. For all of our rental properties we used, as usual, Kijiji.

Remember, also as a tenant you have rights, so if you are unsure of anything or are having major issues with your Landlord then find the local Tenant and Landlord Advisory.


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