Helpful Sites & Groups You Need To Know About When Moving To Canada

Moving abroad is…daunting, exciting, nerve racking and well to be honest, a lot of work! Sorting out visas. Sussing out areas to live in. Finding somewhere to live. Buying furniture. Getting setup and registered with a tax number so you can legally work. Finding a job. Sorting out your driving licence. Setting up bank accounts. I can go on and on! These are only a few of the many tasks you have to deal with when you make the move.

Just remember you are not the first person to move abroad, so there is always plenty of help out there on the internet! Here are some really helpful sites and groups that may make your move to Canada a little bit easier.

1. Irish in Edmonton Facebook Group

If you have gotten your visa and the flights are booked, then this page is a great next step. Any questions you have about what area to live in, renting a room or anybody that can recommend a good Doctor for your kids, then this group is a great help. Someone is usually selling their furniture or car or organising group meet ups. This is definitely a group to become a member of!

There are similar types of groups in other parts of Canada, all over the world even. Irish and New In Toronto, Irish in Regina, Irish and New in Vancouver, Irish Around Sydney and Irish in Perth to name but a few, so if you need help finding your feet then become a member!


 2. Moving 2 Canada

Set this website in your favourites bar (beside mine!). This site is full of information on how to get a visa, advertising jobs, information on some of the major cities you may consider living in and lots of tips on making the move! A very informative site that offers valuable information to both newcomers and those who are here for years.


 3. Irish & Applying for Canadian PR – Facebook Group

For anybody thinking about staying longer than two years, then you will be considering becoming a Permanent Resident. This is not an easy process by any means – I will not go into detail about Permanent Residency (PR) in this post, but I will document the torture that is applying for PR in another blog post!

Even if you are getting help from a professional with your PR application, I would still recommend doing some of your own research also. Even if it is just to understand the lingo that goes with PR! So if you want to know what EE, NOC codes, PNP and BOWP are to name but a few then become a member of this group. It has been very valuable to many people, ourselves included. With the information we have gathered from the CIC website and the Irish & Applying for Canadian PR group, we have, like plenty of other people, made the application for Permanent Residency without using an immigration lawyer.


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