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5 Things To Consider When Planning Your House Build

If you thinking of building or renovating your home, then here is some advice that we have been given or picked up in the very early stages of our house build. This will be the first of many house related blog posts so I hope that they will be of some benefit to you!

1. Windows or Doors

Take some time to think about having direct access to the outside. Maybe you had two windows in you plans for the kitchen but consider having a door or double doors instead to give you direct access to the outside from your kitchen.


2. Patio Doors

I am not sure how much thought people give this, but make sure you think about which way you want your doors to swing!

We have two sets of patio doors so we gave ours some thought. The doors at the side of our house we chose to have swing inwards purely because the wind would catch and damage them if they were to swing outwards.

Our doors at the back off the house, we choose to have these swing outwards. Firstly the back of the house is more sheltered from the wind and secondly, aesthetically it is nicer on the eyes to have these doors open outwards onto what will someday be a deck.


3. Fly Screens

This would be such a brilliant and worthwhile thing to have. Think about it, you could actually leave your patio doors open in the summer and not have seventy five moths, 1.2 million midges, twenty seven flies and ten wasps come into the house!

So if you are in the very early stages of your build, as in the block work stage, you may want to consider what type of screen doors you can opt for. I love the idea of the pocket or retractable screen doors, the type that disappear into the wall. This just look so much cleaner and are hassle free as you don’t have to put them up or remove them during the summer and winter.

As we are a bit further on with our build and our windows and doors are already installed, we may be limited to the type of screen doors we can get. This is definitely something I am willing to research though!


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 4. Utility Room

Your utility room is actually just as important as your kitchen, but we don’t give it enough attention when we are planning. I think that once we have room for a sink and toilet, the washing machine and dryer and a couple of presses then that is enough.

We hadn’t put too much time into thinking about it until a few people told us to make sure that we have a decent size utility room. This, they said, is one room that they would make a lot bigger if they could.  Are you one if these people?! So be sure and give your utility room square footage some extra thought!


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5. Walls Can Be Knocked

Don’t panic if the blocks are up and you can finally see the true size of your rooms and you think you may actually want the open plan look after all. Now is the time to make those changes. Those involved in the build may not like it (like the other half!) but it is much much easier to make the changes now and in the long run you will be happy you did.

As our house build is going on while we are here in Canada, we did not get to see the downstairs until all the walls were up. Obviously we knew what it was going to look like, we had the plans, but it wasn’t until we were home for a visit that I realised how small our kitchen/diner and utility room were…so I made the small request to take down the wall dividing the two rooms and now we have a large open plan kitchen/diner. I am sooooo happy we made that change!

I hoped you enjoyed, stay tuned for more!