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How Important Is Your Utility Room

Is the utility room the most under estimated room in the house? How important is your utility room? From the advice that people have been giving us on building a house, then I think that maybe the utility room (or mud room and laundry room) sometimes ends up been an afterthought. On numerous occasions we have people tell us ‘I wish we had made our utility room bigger’ or ‘I didn’t realise how important the utility room is’. So I have taken this nugget of information, from those who are in know, and I am taking our utility room planning very seriously!

I touched on this briefly in a previous post about our house build, but I wanted to elaborate a little. So we made some changes to the interior layout of our house so that we will now have a much bigger utility room. So instead of a room which would only fit a washing machine, tumble dryer and a small bit of storage, we will now have plenty of room for a small bathroom, lots of storage and a pantry, which makes me very happy!

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If I could make another change to the layout (but I can’t because I would be killed!), then it would be to have the laundry upstairs. This thought never occurred to me, and it wasn’t until we came to Canada that I saw some houses with the washing machine and tumble dryer on the second floor. Honestly this make perfect since! Something to considerJ

We made the decision to have a large utility room, obviously because it’s good to listen to sound advice, but when we really thought about it, a large utility room is definitely important for us. You need to make the space work for you, think about why the utility room is important for you and don’t overlook the simple things! Maybe it’s somewhere to have your clothes horse, somewhere to leave the pram so that you don’t have to keep folding it down? Or maybe you need two washing machines! For us, like a lot of Irish houses, the back door will probably end up been used more than front door! With himself been out on the farm and with grand plans for a vegetable garden, then lots of space will be needed for muddy wellies, boots, coats hats etc.

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Would you make any changes to you utility room/mud room?

Rachel x


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