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How To Be Sustainable As A Mum – 10 Realistic Tips

In some way or another there are many ways that we can be a little more sustainable in our day to day lives. If we all make some small changes, this can help make a big difference. We have all heard of the easiest changes – reusable coffee cup, reusable water bottle, reusable bags and not using plastic straws. As simple as it is to make these changes, we should acknowledge that these little changes can make a difference! But we know that there are sooooo many other ways that we can do our bit for the environment. I have been a lot more conscious of my impact on the environment the last couple of years and have made lots of changes. Then while I was pregnant, I thought ok, I need to start looking into ways that I can be sustainable as a Mum and well, there are lots of ways you can be!

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Pre Loved Baby Clothes

There two main reasons to buy second hand clothes – great for your pocket and great for the environment. There are a lot of water and chemicals that go into making clothes – overall the environmental impact of making clothes is huge. By donating clothes to charity shops or selling them onto second hand stores and by buying second hand clothes you are helping keeping them out of landfill for a little longer.

Reusable Breast Pads

Reusable breast pads work the exact same way as disposable breast pads. The only difference is, that instead of throwing the breast pads in the bin, you throw them into the washing machine. Simple! I would recommend having at least 10 pairs of pads.

Reusable Nappies

In the first year, a baby can go through 2,500 – 3,000 disposable nappies – in one year, it’s crazy isn’t it? The second and third year this number decreases slightly. These nappies take roughly 500 years to decompose. Instead you could opt to use reusable nappies, which you will need roughly 25 newborn and another 25 to fit from12lb to toddler (this is the number I choose to have, but I see a lot of sites tell you just need 20 – 30 in total. I will go into more detail about using reusable nappies in another blog post!). I can’t talk highly enough about using reusable nappies, I love them!


Reusable Wipes

Changing to reusable wipes is not the easiest change to make. I have just started to use them recently and so far I am only using them for when our little one has a wet nappy, I haven’t yet used them for poops! I honestly find no difference in using the reusable wipe to using the disposable. I don’t use any special homemade or bought solution for the wipes, I just wet them under the hot tap as I need them! When I use the disposable wipes, I buy Aleva wipes. I like these as they are natural bamboo wipes that are biodegradable in 21 days.

Reusable Nappy Bags

If you have reusable nappies, it makes sense to use reusable nappy bags. I love these ones from Alva Baby. They have two compartments so you can have dirty clothes in one pocket and dirty nappies in another. They also hold lots of dirty nappies, I used these when were flying to and from Ireland.

Don’t Use Nappy Bags If You Are Using Disposable Nappies

I think its important to mention that you also don’t need to use disposable nappy bags. Are you just using them because they are scented? Just throw the dirty nappy straight into a bin outside rather than putting it into a bag first.

Glass Bottles

An easy but great change to make is to opt for glass baby bottles rather than plastic ones. Glass bottles are durable, easily cleaned and are more easily recycled than plastic bottles.

Bamboo Feeding Bowls & Spoons

Better for the environment and better for baby too! These bamboo bowls are chemical free, durable and biodegradable. I got Avanchy ones that I love!

Cot Mattress & Mattress Cover

 There are more sustainable options out there! I recently bought a Simmons cot mattress that’s outer cover is made from Tencel, also known as Lyocell, which is a more environmentally friendly fabric. You can also opt for an organic cotton mattress protector and GOTS certified organic cotton sheets.

Wooden Toys

Whether you are buying for your own child or as a gift for someone, it is good to choose wooden toys sometimes instead of plastic. There are some really lovely wooden toys available which are so much more durable than plastic toys. Brands like Mellissa and Doug and Baby Einstein have so many fabulous ones!

There are so many ways to be sustainable as a Mum and in all areas of the home! As parents, we can do so much to help out our little planet. Nothing we do is too small, even simple things like not using disposable wipes to clean babies hands or face after feeding, use a face cloth instead. Every little change we make makes a difference.


How To Be Sustainable As A Mum – 10 Realistic Tips

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