How To Deal With Negativity

Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to another blogpost? This week I am sharing tip on how to deal with negativity. So, whether you are having a bad day, week or month here are some ways that you can change your outlook to a more positive one!

1.      Don’t Let One Little Thing Ruin Your Day

I used to do this all the time, and I still have to stop myself from thinking this way. You bang you toe getting out of bed in the morning, day ruined. You sleep in for work and are an hour late, day ruined. Somebody cuts you off on your drive to work, day ruined. We all think this way, right? But why? There is absolutely no reason why we should let one small aspect of our day ruin all 24 hours!

2.      Don’t Over Think It

We over analyse and over think things constantly. We play back conversations in our head and think ‘I wonder did take what I said the wrong way’ or ‘what did they mean by that’. We need to stop over thinking and doubting everything we say and do!

3.      Surround Yourself with Positive People

Enjoy and learn from people who don’t dwell on the negative and who instead opt to see the positive and who are living their life the best way they can.

4.      Do Something That Makes You Happy

Whatever it may be, do something that makes you happy. Sitting down in the evenings or at the weekends with a glass of wine, writing these blogs post makes me happy, so I do it, simple? What makes you happy? Going for a run? Chilling with Netflix? Visiting friends? It doesn’t matter how small it is, if it puts a smile on your face then take the time to so and put yourself in good mood.

5.      What Is Really Making You Feel Bad

Sit down and think about what is really making you feel down. Is it your job, is it your lifestyle, is it the person you are living with? If you are unhappy with your lifestyle, then change it. If you get up in the morning, go to work, come home, eat dinner and watch TV for the evening and repeat this day in and day out and you are not happy, then do something about it. Start reading, start writing, start going out for a walk in the evenings, start playing darts. Just try different things until you find that something that makes you happy and you look forward to doing it.

6.      Ask For Help

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, getting into a positive frame of mind is not easy. Don’t be afraid to turn to someone to ask for help, whether it is a friend or a professional, just ask.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Rachel x

 *I am not a mental health professional and encourage those who feel they need to speak to someone, to contact a professional or speak to a friend or family member.

From Ireland Call:

Samaritans 116123 OR Pieta House 1800 247 247 or text HELP to 51444

From Canada Call:

Mental Health Helpline 1866 531 2600 or click HERE to visit their website 

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