How To Stay Focused

Welcome back everybody, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend:) This week’s post is all about how to stay focused. Did you ever take a notion to start clearing out and re-arranging your whole bedroom, only at midnight that night to be surrounded by nothing but a HUGE mess, you can’t even see your bed, you wonder why you started and you just want to give up and wish you left your room as it was? Well this is the same feeling we get with anything that we aim to achieve. It seems like a great idea, we dive right in and then when things get a little bit difficult or we get tired we think this wasn’t a good idea after all and just give up and leave things the way they were. Nothing is going to change unless YOU do something about it and not just start it, but keep going, even when you want to give up.

Honestly, it can sometimes be really hard to stay focused and driven, so here are some tips that may help you:)

Believe In Yourself

Maybe you are surrounded by a great support system, maybe you’re not, either way in order to achieve whatever it is that you have to set out do, whether it be to start your own business, change jobs, lose weight, save enough money to travel the world, get through your exams or pass your driving test at the age of forty four, whatever it is that you want to do, YOU have to believe that you have the ability to achieve it.


When diving into your goals and dreams, know that with anything things may get tough. Be ready for the long hours, the exhaustion or physical body pain and for the criticism or lack of encouragement because people don’t understand what and why you are trying to do what you are doing. Once you have a mental note that these hurdles may arise, then you know that you will  and can get over them.

Remember Why You Started

Just like that bedroom you started to pull apart, remember why you started! So when you are going to your fourth job interview and you are feeling disheartened, remember why you are looking for another job, maybe you want a job that will give you more opportunities or you simply don’t like your current job. Or when you are having difficulty getting your new business off the ground, ask yourself why did you start? Was it because you have always wanted to be your own boss, or you believe that this business can be a huge success that will give you financial freedom, a second home in the sun and several nice holidays a year? Whatever your reasons for starting were, never forget them.

Enjoy the Journey

Stressing over things does not help, you will only work yourself up and feel like you are failing. You will only fail when you stop trying. Take a moment to look how far you have come and then know that you can and will keep going. Be proud of what you are doing and the changes and progress you are making. If you are getting a little stressed you can read my tips to de-stress here.

Thank you so much for reading!

Rachel x

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