How Your Surroundings Affect You And Your Mood

You know that feeling that you get when you haven’t done the dishes the night before and the first thing that you see when you get up the next morning is a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up? Well that is pretty much what this blog post is all about, how your surrounding affect you or how it affects your mood.

So how do you feel when you see that sink full of dishes first thing in the morning? Deflated, instantly pissed off? It just starts your day off on the completely wrong foot. The obvious thing to do here is leave your kitchen tidy before you go to bed at night! Wake up to a clean kitchen and start you day off much better! Here are some other ways that your surroundings affect you and what you can do to change how it makes you feel:)

  • Your Bedroom

This area should be your little escape from the chaos that is life! Try and keep your bedroom free from clutter and keep it looking minimalistic. If your mind is already cluttered, then that’s enough clutter! You want to be able to relax instantly and have a peaceful night’s sleep!

  • Paint Colour

Dark colours, depending on the size of your room and how much light is coming in, tend to make the room seem gloomy and smaller than it actually is. Lighter colours, obviously make the room feel more light and airy. You want the room that you like to relax in to make you feel more at ease. If it doesn’t , then think about the paint colour that’s on your walls. If the room feels a little cold, then you can bring some warmth into it by adding some pops of colour with some cushions, throws, a rug or just some flowers or prints for your walls:)

  • Escape The Hustle & Bustle

When the madness of work and life seems never ending, make sure that you take some time out. Go for a nice long walk to get away from it all for a little while and help lift your mood. Even better if you can manage it, take a whole weekend off and escape to somewhere that you know will relax you, whether it’s somewhere by the beach or in the mountains go somewhere that you know will recharge your batteries:)

Moraine Lake, Alberta
  • Make The Move

Maybe you are just no longer happy in the area or house that you live in? Is there an up and coming area that you think will be much more fun to live or are you just no longer interested in living in a busy city or town and you would rather live somewhere that your nearest neighbours are a mile down the road! Maybe it’s time to think about not renewing your Lease when it’s up?

I believe our surrounding play a very important role on how we feel. Sometimes we cannot make drastic changes, so instead shift your focus to the positive aspects and make whatever minor changes that you think will make a difference You can read a little more about how to cosy up your surroundings here

Thanks so much for reading:)

Rachel x

I am not a mental health professional and encourage those who feel they need to speak to someone, to contact a professional or speak to a friend or family member.

From Ireland Call:

Samaritans 116123 or Pieta House 1800 247 247 or text HELP to 51444

 From Canada Call:

Mental Health Helpline 1866 531 2600 or click HERE to visit their website

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