Important Tips For Choosing Your Windows

Welcome back everyone:) For today’s blog post I am back with a house related post and I am sharing some important tips for choosing windows, exciting for some people annnnnd not so much for others! I’m going to be honest, for me this was a fun part of our house build and also a little expensive. There are many aspects of a house build where you will have to invest a big chunk of change and your windows are one of them, so putting some thought into exactly what you want and choosing a reputable window company is important!

Honestly, I knew absolutely nothing about windows when we were starting to look into what type we wanted. I knew there was double glazed and triple glazed and that I didn’t want white windows, that was pretty much it. Here are some things that I think you should consider when you are deciding what windows to choose.

What Style of Window To Choose        

We didn’t want regular plain white windows installed. The suggestion came about of traditional sash windows, which we knew straight away would be perfect and would give a ‘cottage-y’ look to the exterior of the house. We opted for the traditional sash style windows that slide up to open, but for a more budget friendly option, you can actually get windows that look like traditional sash windows, but open outwards like regular windows:) You can then choose what colour finishes you want your handles and locks, we opted for silver but gold was also available.

Choosing The Colour

We knew we didn’t want white or brown and we did debate black, but we had spoken to family who have built a house and choose black windows that have unfortunately faded over the years. I am not sure if this is a common occurrence or not but then the option of cream windows came up, which I had never seen before. This colour is perfect and we knew that it would look so nice with the sash style window! Also, as this same family member pointed out, the colour of window you choose also limits the colours you can paint your house, so another great thing to consider when choosing the colour of your windows:)

Double or Triple Glazed

I would have thought straight away, triple glazed was the best option. It would be best for blocking out outside noise and to prevent heat loss. However, it was recommended to us that with the style of window we going for, double glazed would be the best option. This is because the triple glazed is too heavy for the traditional sash style window and over time this may become an issue. It wasn’t a big deal for us to opt for double glazed option as noise is not a big problem for us as our house is in the country. Also, traditional sash windows are not as large as modern day windows meaning there’s not as much heat loss.

Where To Buy Your Windows

Do your research online, make some calls and, what I think is the best thing to do, speak to people who have already built or renovated a house as they will share their knowledge with you and you hear exactly what their experience was with the company they dealt with. This is the best way to learn and get really great advice about building or renovating a house, those who have already done it are a wealth of information!

We got our windows from DG uPVC Windows Ltd., who are based in County Fermanagh. I won’t hide the fact that they are family of Simon’s BUT we were not going to spend that much money on windows just because they are family and I honestly mean that in the nicest way possible! Think about it, when you are investing that much into your home, you want quality, you want to deal with people who are experienced, know what they are talking about and who can give you solid advice and guidance. We got all of that and more:) I will 110% recommend DG uPVC Windows Ltd. and they have a showroom that you can visit in Blacklion in Co. Cavan so be sure and check it out or you can visit their website here. This is me just sharing our experience and pointing you in the right direction of a reputable company!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I leave a comment down below if you are building or renovating your home, I would love to hear how you are finding the experience:)

Thanks for reading,

Rachel x

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