January Favourites

It’s Friiiiiday, whoohoo!! Eh, and this is the last Friday in January, WHAT?! With that thought I decided that I would make the last Friday of each month a rundown of what I have loved throughout that month. This will be absolutely anything from films, to places I have been, to restaurants, to makeup and clothes…you get the idea:) So let’s get right into my January favourites!

Aldo Handbag

I did buy this bag last month but I just had to include it as I love it even more this month, maybe because I have been actually using it! Just look at it. Seriously though, ain’t she pretty!! Maybe you think the pattern resembles your Granny’s couch too much?! This is a small bag and there was a larger one with the same pattern that I may regret not buying instead…:( You can find it here.


Aldo Handbag


I am sooooo enjoying been back reading again! Is anyone else like me where you just stop reading for no reason for the longest time? It is really nice to be put down the phone and chill out with a good book. In case you don’t know, I have a couple of book reviews on my blog that you can read here.

Samsung A5

OK so honestly I only have this phone a week, but so far I really like it…mainly because I don’t have to charge it twice a day like my old phone! The camera quality is really good, although I haven’t got to really test it out fully yet, if I change my mind on this I will let you know! I was told when I was buying it, that it was on par with the Samsung 7, but it was newer so a better option. I would have loved a Samsung 8, but honestly I cannot bring myself to pay that much money for a phone! I have a lot more things on my wish list that I would prefer to get!

L’Oréal Mascara – Voluminous Lash Paradise

This stuff is the business! I have been using a different L’Oréal mascara for the last year or more, and when I went to buy more, this one was on offer for roughly $10 so I thought I would give it a whirl. I LOVE it! It doesn’t clump and it really separates your lashes:)

I hope you have a great weekend:)

Rachel x

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