July Favourites

Hi everybody and welcome back to my blog! I have been extremely slack in posting on my blog these days, mostly because I doing weekly YouTube videos and, well, they are pretty time consuming! I am sure I will get into a grove at some stage but for now I will just post when I can! Anyway I didn’t want to miss posting about my monthly favourites, so here it is, my July favourites!

Valley of Five Lakes, Jasper, Alberta

1.  Exploring

We have had one caming trip to Jasper and are headed for another in August. It is so nice so get outdoors and explore! I did a vlog on our weekend caming you can watch it here. I am hoping that we can do more exploring this year, but maybe we’ll get on a plane and check out somewhere new! We definitely have a lot of travel we want to do!

2. Sunglasses 

I had to mention my sunglasses? These are seriously my favourite purchase! I bought them on Amazon, and to be honest I was a wee bit hesitant buying sunglasses online as you have no idea how they will look on, what the quality is like etc. But I have to say these are even better than I expected! The quality is pretty good and they are just a damn good pair of sunglasses as they are not just for show! I love the shape of them. Those big style sunglasses do not suit me at all, I need sort of regular size so these are nice a small. I went with the 45mm size. I know these John Lennon style sunglasses are not everybody’s cup of tea, but I LOVE them and I am going to buy the same pair in another colour, I love the pink ones…and all black ones…and the silver ones, there are several different colours to choose from!

*Affiliated Link*

3. Slogan T-Shirts

I have been living in mostly t-shirts and shorts, its Summer after all, but I seem to gravitate toward the slogan t-shirts! Yesterday I went to buy a particular dress that was on sale, it wasn’t in stock, soooo I bought a slogan T instead! I love this one below, my sister sent over to me from Penny’s, of course?

T-Shirt from Pennys (Primark)

4. Den of Thieves – Film

We just watched this film with Gerard Butler and these are the type of films that I really like. I am not really a chic flick type of person, I’d rather watch an action or thriller. I have never watched The Notebook…there I said it…If you are looking for a good film, then add this to your list ad get yourself some popcorn?

5. My YouTube Channel

I am being doing videos for a couple of months now and although it’s quite time consuming I am enjoying creating and editing the video’s, I hope you guys are enjoying them too! Not too sure if I will go to two video’s a week, maybe not just yet anyway. I would like to create some different series on my channel, maybe some video’s on moving abroad, how to be more environmentally friendly…I have lots of ideas, so stayed tuned! I would also love if you could subscribe to my channel, you can do that right here?

Thanks so much for reading,

Rachel x

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