Top 10 Money Saving Tips

Saving is hard, plain and simple! There is always something that we need to save for, a new car, a wedding, buying a new couch, travelling or just saving for a rainy day. We have been in saving mode for a while so I thought I would share some of our money saving tips with you!

1. What’s Your Motivation?

Know what you are saving for. If you are saving for a trip to Paris, then stick a picture of the Eiffel Tower on your fridge so you don’t lose sight of what you making sacrifices for. Even if you saving to redecorate the sitting room then make sure you are checking out Pinterest regular keep you motivated.

2. Set A Goal

What is the amount you want to save, €500, €1,000, €10,000? Set your goal, do the maths and then give yourself a time frame to save. The important thing is, is to be realistic. If you know you won’t save three hundred euro in a month, then don’t give yourself a month’s time frame.

3. Create a Budget

Break out your wages. Note what you are spending on rent/mortgage, bills, groceries, petrol etc. Leave yourself a small allowance every week and stick to it!

4. Pack a Lunch

This is the most obvious saving and is really effective. Whether you like to meal prep on a Sunday for your lunches for the week or if you use the previous night’s left overs, then do it! You will see lots of savings.

5. Be Prepared When Going Grocery Shopping

The best way to watch what you spend when you are doing your food shop is to have a meal plan done for the week or even two weeks. Know what you are making for dinner each day, write your shopping list and stick to it. This helps with the ‘I don’t know what to make for dinner so I will just get a take away’. It will also help with unnecessary spending while you are grocery shopping. Just don’t do what I do all the time and forget to take your meat out the freezer the night before!

6. Buy in Bulk

Take advantage of special offers. Although painful on the pocket at the time, this is cost savings in the long run.

7. Make One Vegetarian Dinner a Week

Or even two…! I know there are a lot of us of the thought that it’s not a meal without meat, but there are some dinners that you won’t even miss it out of! Meat is expensive, and even more if you are making dinner for a family of four. Try a vegetarian stir-fry, it will be so full of veg you won’t miss the meat!

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8. The Change Jar

Don’t underestimate the change jar, it all adds up!

9. Cutback

Getting your hair or nails done or buying magazines…this are all little luxuries that if given up will save a pretty penny!

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10. Avoid Credit Cards

If you don’t need one, then don’t get one. If you don’t manage them properly, you can end up in debt quite quickly. When we moved to Canada, we said that we not be getting a credit card, but it’s all about building your credit rating so having a credit card in Canada is, in a roundabout way, a good thing. If you are getting a credit card, just be strict with yourself in paying it off on time and use it only when absolutely necessary!

So that’s it! It’s all about been organised and been a little strict with yourself! We all have weeks where staying on track is hard, but don’t get discouraged, just start afresh the next week.

Happy savings:)


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