Moving House – Top Tips To Help You Get Organised

Moving house is, not to sound like a drama queen, but it’s a torture! As we are getting ready to move house for the sixth time in three and half years (yes, you read that correctly, six) I thought that a post about how to survive moving house was appropriate!

1. Get In The Right Frame of Mind

I know packing and unpacking is such a huge pain in the arse, but look at moving as a great time to have a huge clear-out. Seriously! Look around at all your stuff and don’t say ‘how am I going to get all of this stuff packed…?’, instead think ‘Great, I am going to get rid of half of this stuff I don’t need!

2. De-clutter Before You Move

When taking the ‘optimistic’ approach to moving, make sure that you are de-cluttering before you start packing. Don’t pack everything and think that you will organise what to keep and what to get rid of when you move into your new house, because if you are like me, you won’t! Something ‘more important’ will always come up. Get sorting now and decide what can be donated, given away or just needs to be thrown out!

3. Stock Up!

A few weeks before your move, start stocking up on empty boxes, bubble wrap and newspaper.

4. Get A Head Start

Pack all your non essentials – pictures, books, paperwork and dismantling any furniture that you won’t need.

5. Update Your Address

Notify the post office of your change of address and update you address with banks, insurance companies, your workplace etc.

6. Label All Your Boxes

Get some sharpies and get labelling! This will leave unpacking a much easier task. The last thing you want is to have half of your kitchen boxes in your bedroom.

7. First Night Box

Fill a box with your first night essentials – toiletries, change of clothes , towels and most importantly the kettle, mugs teabags and wine glasses…or the ingredients for a Mojito!

8. Make The Space Your Own

Get excited and start making plans on how you will make each room exactly how you want it! Spend time browsing Pinterest for some inspiration:)

Happy moving!



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