Moving to Canada

Do We Stay or Do We Go?

We talked, literally, for years about moving abroad. We had always been keen to do a bit of travelling so when the opportunity came for us to move to Canada, well sure why wouldn’t we give it a go? And I won’t lie, our want to travel was not the only reason for upping sticks, we were in the midst of recession. So with no mortgage – frankly because the bank wouldn’t give us one – and no kids, there was no better time for us to make the move.

View of ireland from Plane


When we were applying to get a Visa there were thousands of others in Ireland applying also, so Canadian Working Holiday Visas (IEC Visa’s) were pretty hard to get. We decided to get help with applying for a Visa through a visa specialist – we used Visa First – also because we hadn’t a clue where to start with applying for a visa!

Travel Insurance

As part of the application we had to have travel insurance. Border officers required proof of travel insurance at the border when activating our visa so it was something we had to have; well nobody should be going abroad without travel insurance anyway! As we got two year working holiday visas we needed to have travel insurance for two years. For this we used Usit. At the time it was €399 per person for the two years, with an offer of free winter sports. We thought this was great and after three years here have yet to set foot on a ski slope! It’s quite a lot of money, so it is good to note this cost if you are considering moving abroad and do not have your own private insurance.


Part of our visa requirements was to make sure our passports were valid for the duration of our visa. Unfortunately ours were not, we only had one year left on them and as our visa was valid for two years, we had to have both passports renewed – another added cost to note if you are considering the move.

Picture of Passports

Proof of Funds

We were also informed that the border officers would request proof of funds and that you need show a recent bank statement showing that you have at least €5,000 in your account as means to support yourself when you arrive.

First Stop

We decided that we would stop in Toronto first and basically go from there. So on June 30th 2013 we said goodbye to our fantastic family and friends , the hardest thing we have ever had to do,  and caught a 7am flight out of Shannon and headed for Toronto…    

Remember that all of the above information was what we were asked to provide in 2013. Requirements may have changed in the last few years so be sure and check the Government of Canada website for any new updates to the application process.


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