My Five Go To Apps

Hi everybody and welcome back! Today I am sharing my five go to apps on my phone, some you may have some you may not. I won’t be talking about the likes of Instagram, Facebook or Viber, instead I will be talking about the apps I use to edit my pictures and what I use for YouTube, those type of apps. So if you want to find out what those are then just keep reading:)

1. Focalmark

This app was designed for Instagram to help you find the best hashtags to use for your pictures. You simply select the style of picture that you want to get hashtags for, whether it’s a picture of a landscape, dogs or fitness this app covers lots of options! You can also select a country to narrow your hashtag search a little more. If you didn’t know, you can use up to thirty hashtags on your Instagram picture, so this app does come in quite useful!

2. Snapseed

This is my go to app for editing my pictures. I usually just go to tune image to brighten up my photos and to make the colours pop. There is really good video tutorials on the app to give you a bit of guidance. This app is one of my faves!

3. Preview

This app is only worthwhile if you have Instagram. I use this to plan out how my Instagram feed will look. I can see how the pictures look side by side before I post them. To be honest, even if it doesn’t look the best sometimes I still post them but it’s still nice to see how it will look! I think there are lots of other versions of this app out there so I do want to try another one to see the difference in them.

4. Play Memories

Not everyone needs this app as it is connected to a Sony camera. This is a brilliant app! As my camera has Wi-Fi, I can send my pictures and videos from my camera straight to my phone using this app. I can do this on the go, which is so handy!

5. PicMonkey

I use this app to create and edit the fonts for the thumbnails for my YouTube videos. If you are not sure what a thumbnail is, this is the still frame picture that you see on peoples YouTube video before you click play:) This is the app that most people with YouTube channels use as, well, it’s really good! It is free, but like most apps, you can also pay a subscription fee to get more options.

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Thank you so much for reading!

Rachel x

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