My Travel Wishlist

I am sure I am not the only person who has a travel wishlist of the some of the places they would love to visit someday…am I? For me this list is reminder to tighten the purse strings and hopefully we will be lucky enough to see these places someday!

Maybe you haven’t put on paper a list of places that are your own dream destinations, but maybe you should! Compile a list, add a few a pictures and put the list somewhere you will see every day. This will be your reminder of why you are sitting in on a Saturday night or of why you haven’t bought those shoes you have been eyeing up!

1.Vietnam, Ha Long Bay

This country looks so beautiful. Ha Long Bay looks unbelievable, but there are so many more places in Vietnam that looks just as amazing, Lan Ha Bay, Phu Quoc, I could go on!

2. Philippines, Puerto Galera

A country full of beauty and I am so excited to visit here someday!

3. Thailand – Ko Lanta, Krabi

Wow, just wow…

4. China – Beijing, Great Wall of China

Simply because its amazing!

5. Italy – Venice, Tuscany, Sorrento and Rome

Yep, I want to see all that Italy has to offer. The vineyards, gondola’s, the history, everything.

6. Norway – Oslo

I once went to Norway years and years ago as a youth leader for an exchange programme. We were stayed in a lovely town called Stokmarkness. On our journey back to Ireland we stopped in Oslo for a night. We only had an evening there but it was such a beautiful place and we walked right along the waterfront. It has always been somewhere I would love to go back to and explore properly.

7. Mexico, Isla Mujeres

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a little bit of all inclusive?! This island looks like a little piece of paradise.

8. Las Vegas

Because it’s Vegas.

9.  Alaska – Road Trip

After we had such a brilliant road trip through part of Canada last year with my sister and brother in law, I would love to hit the road again and why not drive through Alaska!

I have no doubt that my list will grow, but hey a girl can dream:)

Happy travels,