Nine Things I Miss About Ireland

In about six and half weeks we are heading home for a couple of weeks and we are soooo excited! I will admit that each time we head home for a visit it gets harder and harder to leave:( So with that I thought I would write a list of nine things I miss about Ireland. Without mentioning the most obvious, which is friends and family here it is!

Photo Credit – Andrea Rankin

1. The Food

Okay so if we are going to go into specifics here, it’s the white bread. Seriously, it’s hard to beat a slice of Brennan’s or Irish Pride bread! Obviously there is white bread in Canada; it just does not taste the same, its soooo sweet. The nearest I have found for any Irish in Canada reading this, is the pre-sliced loaf from the deli. As I write this I realise how Irish this post sounds! I should also mention the sausages, the teabags, cheese and onion crisps…

2. The Accent

I do spend a lot of time with other Irish (we’re kind of chlann-ish like that aren’t we?), but I love when we land in Dublin airport and been surrounded by the seven hundred (give or take, slight exaggeration!) different Irish accents there are. It makes me smile:)

Photo Credit – Andrea Rankin

3. The Fresh Air

I don’t think it gets any fresher than it does in Leitrim?! There’s nothing better than country air – before the slurry spreading starts…

4. The Scenery

I think we take for granted how beautiful Ireland really is; well I certainly did, until I moved away. The first visit home after we moved away, I think we were away for almost a year and a half, and on the drive to home from the airport I couldn’t believe how green and really beautiful everything was!

Photo Credit – Andrea Rankin

5. Penny’s (Primark)

Maybe this should have been top of list…

6. The Friendliness

Not that Canadians aren’t friendly, they are, but I mean the small town friendliness. I can spend five hours walking around West Edmonton Mall (and four of them will be spent in Sephora), walk past a thousand people and not speak to anyone. At home I could go into the shop were there’s just six other people and have a full blown conversation with them all!

7. The Beach

Rosses Point, Lissadell, Rossnowlagh and they are all so close to Manorhamilton.

Photo Credit – Andrea Rankin

8.  Himself says he misses the tractor…

9. Home

Just been home:)

I hoped you enjoyed reading his and if you are living abroad leave me a comment and let me know what I am missing from this list! If you want to check out more beautiful pictures like the ones featured in this post, then head over to my sister’s Instagram page by clicking here!

Thanks for reading!