Our 5 Most Asked Questions About Moving To Canada

Happy Friday everyone:) This week I thought I would share with you Our 5 Most Asked Questions About Moving to Canada. Over the years we always get asked the same questions so this week I thought I would share with you how life was for us. Obviously it has worked out as over four and half years later, we are still here in Canada! Unfortunately this is not the case for everybody, for some the move is easy, for some it’s not. For some they settle into life in a different country easily, for some they don’t. So here it is, the questions we are asked the most about making the move to Canada!

Lurganboy, Manorhamilton County Leitrim

1. How Long Did It Take To Settle?

I will be the first to admit that leaving Ireland, leaving family and friends was not an easy thing do. Deciding what part of Canada to move to, finding somewhere to live, meeting new people and finding a job, it all takes time. Honestly, for us I would say it took us a full year to get settled. Now bare in mind that we lived in Toronto for six months before we moved to Edmonton. Had we moved straight to Edmonton, we definitely would have settled in a lot quicker. I would just suggest if you are moving abroad that you give yourself at least six months. Give yourself some time to adjust to a different way of life and hey, if it does not work out, then at least you tried, right?

2. Is there Much Opportunity?

There is more opportunity here for us, we moved from a quiet rural County with a population of roughly 32,000 to Edmonton, a city with 1.3 million people. I work in Property Management, something I definitely would not have gotten into at home. Wage is another factor to consider, depending on your line of work, you can earn a very good wage here.

Mullaghmore, County Sligo

3. Was It Hard to Get A Visa?

Can I say ‘don’t even go there’?! Ok so the initial visa to move out here, the Working Holiday Visa, was fine and there was no (real) issue’s. And then towards the end of our original visa we decided to stay and try to get our Permanent Residency….this was slightly more torturous! I won’t go into great detail about it in this blog post, I will dedicate a blog post specifically to our process in the near future, but it was touch and go! I will say it became very disheartening as our first application was rejected, so we had to apply a second time. To be honest we were just plain lucky. Had we been rejected again, I am not sure if I would have gone through the whole process a third time.

Don’t let this discourage you though, instead let it just make you aware that the process is not always easy. Sometimes things worth having don’t come easy:)

4. Will You Ever Move Back Home?

This is the question that I’m sure all Irish who move abroad are asked. The answer is yes, we will absolutely move back home. Ireland is where our family is, where we are building our house, where our life will be. Ireland is home. I have reads articles and posts people are putting in forums, and our reasons for moving home will be the same as everyone else, to be near our family and friends. We know it won’t be for fantastic job opportunities…the question is when? That I do not yet have the answer to, yet and I think this is the same answer for a lot of Irish who have moved abroad.

 5. Any Regrets About Moving Abroad?

Moving abroad was the best decision we made. It has been a total eye opener and has definitely made us worldlier (yes that is a word!). The only regret we have is that we should have done it sooner. I don’t dwell on this, really what’s the point? You can’t change what was, don’t waste precious energy and time on the what if’s, concentrate on the now and the what will be!

Glencar, County Leitrim

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