11 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Use Of Plastic

Are you looking for easy ways to reduce your use of plastic? If not, then, well maybe you should be! We use plastic without question, sandwich bags, straws, water bottles, shopping bags….I could go on and on. I, like a lot of people, am 100% guilty of completing over using plastic and unnecessarily using it but I am trying to become a lot more conscious of using and purchasing plastic. 

If you want to check out 11 easy that you can make a difference, then click  on the link below?

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July Favourites

Hi everybody and welcome back to my blog! I have been extremely slack in posting on my blog these days, mostly because I doing weekly YouTube videos and, well, they are pretty time consuming! I am sure I will get into a grove at some stage but for now I will just post when I can! Anyway I didn’t want to miss posting about my monthly favourites, so here it is, my July favourites!

Valley of Five Lakes, Jasper, Alberta

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