Seasonal Goal List – Spring

With Spring officially here I thought that it would be fun to start a seasonal goal list! Obviously, first up is my spring goal list. To most people these goals are probably pretty basic, but not all goals have to be something huge. Mostly it should be about writing a list of something that you would love to achieve or experience and then reaching this goal for your own satisfaction, no one else’s. Yes, definitely aim big, but also remember to celebrate your small success:) So put pen to paper and write your own wee list, big or small!

So here it is, my Spring Goal List:

1. Start Pilates

Ok, so I have wanted to try Pilates for a long time, I really don’t know why I haven’t started, maybe sheer laziness?! My main reason for wanting to do Pilates is that it is good for strengthening the muscles and is really good for improving your posture, for me this is a win win!

2. Plant Vegetables

I am not sure how this is going to go as any flower pots I have had took one look at me and withered! I am not letting this put me off though, I really want to try and grow a mini vegetable ‘garden’. As we are a little limited on space, it will be more like vegetable pots! I want to plant some tomatoes, lettuce and scallions and maybe even a couple of flowers.

3. Learn How to Swim – Properly

Like a lot people from home I went to swimming lessons years ago in Rossinver. I spent a couple of weeks freezing my arse off in Lough Melvin! The highlight was the flask of hot chocolate that my friends Mam had for us when we got out! The lessons were great and I learned plenty, but I only went for a couple of summers so I didn’t go all the way to life saving. Now because of that my main issue is that I am not confident in the deep end of a pool, as in I don’t go near it! I would definitely love to gain more confidence in the water.

4. Share a Vlog

This I am really looking forward to doing! If you are not familiar with a vlog, is basically a blog, but in video format. I have finally bought a camera and I am excited to share one or two vlogs with you!

I hope my little seasonal goal list has given you some ideas and helps you compile your own list. Remember, everything you aim for and achieve is a big deal, no matter how small the goal may seem.

Thanks for reading!