Summer Goal List

A little late but here it is! Did you complete a Spring goal list? If you did how did you get on? I looked through my Spring goals and got through or attempted almost all of them! But that’s ok if there’s more to do, because I am determined to keep trying!

1. Get Fit!

I would like to be able to go up and down the stairs without getting out of breath! My fitness levels are at ZERO! I am determined to get my arse in gear during the Summer and be able to enjoy some hikes when we go camping. Plus it’s good for the mind. Before we went home for a visit in May I did start and did three weeks of different fitness classes and it was definitely helping. Unfortunately I haven’t got back into it just yet!

2. Jump in the Deep End

So if you read my Spring Goal List, I noted that I wanted to learn how to swim properly. I did go the pool on three different occasions, which I was dead chuffed with! To be honest though it’s not that I can’t swim properly, I can swim ok(ish), but I just can’t swim in the deep end because I’m too scared to let go of the wall. I’ll swim somewhere my feet can touch the floor when I stand otherwise I get a little panicky!! I am 110% wanting to get over this…and I will! You’re never too old, right?

3. DIY Projects

We have lots of ‘important grown up things’ that we are saving for at the minute so we are trying to be conscious of what we are spending. We moved into a new house in February and I now have a slight dislike for some of our furniture…there a few things I would love to change, so in order to do so I need to get a little creative! When I do, I will be sure to share it with you!

4. Pilates

Pilates was also in my Spring goals, and I went, three times! Again, I started a couple of weeks before we were due to head home for a visit and then since we got back I just haven’t got back into it. I’ll admit it will take me time to warm up to Pilates, I definitely do not have an instant love for it. Breathe in and pull your arse in at the same time and breathe out and tuck your stomach in etc.. I held my breath for too long and my ears popped, couldn’t hear anything all evening! Apart from that I am willing to keep at it. The instructor did say it can take 10 lessons to get the hang of it, so we’ll see…!

5. Vlog More

My Spring goal was to do a Vlog, which I did, I vlogged our whole trip home to Ireland! Just click here to watch it! I am sooooo happy I did. Not only is it great to show a small bit of how beautiful the North West of Ireland is (and proof that my sister is the crazy sibling 🙂 but I have also loads more footage that I can do a video for just my family. It is such a nice thing to have and look back on. So stayed tuned, there are more Vlogs to come:)

6. Go Canoeing

We only went once last year and had so much fun! Definitely want to make it a habit this Summer. Maybe even try paddle boarding!

Same as last time, get your pen and paper out and aim as high as you like!

Thanks for reading:)



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