Summer Lovin – An Ode to Summer

So this weeks post I wanted to talk about all the things I love most about Summer, lets call it my Summer Lovin list. To be honest after I had written it, it sounded a bit blah, soooooo I decided instead to have a bit of fun with it and instead write an ode to Summer! Well, my take on an ode anyway! It’s a tad cheesy but I actually had fun writing this,  you should give it a go:)

Summer you are…smiling faces, sweaty brows, happy hearts and extra long days. Bare feet, freckled faces, bronzed skin,  and lots of laughs. Sitting around the campfire,  cold beers in warm hands and too many smores. Endless amounts of ice creams, countless road trips and the breeze in our hair. Never ending salads, getting active and positive vibes. Mosquito bites, suncream and showering twice a day. Sand in our toes, salt in our hair and the breeze through an open window at night. A walk in the park, a picnic on the beach and lazy days. Hotdogs and burgers and bbq’s everyday. Freshly planted flower pots, music playing too loud and the smell of freshly cut grass. Reading in the sun, bottles of white wine and more mosquito bites…

Summer you are…days well spent.

Rachel x

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