12 Things To Do At Home While Social Distancing

We are currently living through something that nobody ever imagined could happen, something that normally only happens in movies. Some people are going through an incredibly hard time with what is going on, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs and cancellations of weddings are just a few. I am not writing this blog post to make light of such a serious situation, but rather to give a bit of a distraction for those who might want it and to be honest, writing it has helped distract me! We should remember that we will come out the other side of this and have a new found appreciation for catching up with friends and hugging family! In the meantime, we are all (and if you are not you should be) practising social distancing. This means we are limited in what we can do day to day so we have to get creative and find things that we can do about the house to keep us occupied. If you are homeschooling or working from home while minding kids, well then you are sorted and probably already have enough to do! If you are in need of some ideas to help keep you occupied then read on for 12 things to do at home while social distancing.

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