How To Be Sustainable In The Bathroom – 11 Simple Ideas

Been sustainable is a lot easier than you think! In absolutely every area of our lives we can do our part for our little planet by choosing to live more sustainably. After writing a blog post on how to be sustainable as a mum, I thought I would continue with a ‘How To Be Sustainable’ series and share 11 simple ideas on how to be sustainable in the bathroom!

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April Favourites

Welcome back to another blogpost, and yes we are already at another monthly favourites…seriously where is time going?! All I will say is, I am glad to see the end of April and feel a little heat, that was the longest winter ever:(  Anyway, lets get straight into what I have been loving this month with my April favourites!

1.  Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight

I have just finished this audio book and it is sooooo good, I highly recommend that you add this to your to read list! Phil Knight is a co-founder of Nike and shares his story of how Nike was created, all the challenges he faced and focuses a lot on his personal life. It really is a fantastic story of how he created a billion dollar company.

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