6 Tips for Surviving The First Two Weeks With A Newborn

Needless to say the first few weeks pass by in a blur of feeding, burping, nappies and baby cuddles so I thought I would share 6 tips for surviving the first two weeks with a newborn. It is really a time where day and night are the same. It’s got to be hard for little babies, been all snuggly and warm in the womb and then WHAM, there they are out in the big bad world! Its an adjustment for babies for also an adjustment for Mam and Dad too. The first couple of nights in particular can be quite hard, but just remember, they are hard for everyone!

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Pregnancy Essentials – Must Haves & Must Do’s!

Pregnancy for everyone is different, which would mean everyone’s pregnancy essentials, must haves and must do’s, are a little different. Some people have severe morning sickness, some have none whatsoever (lucky you!!). Some people breeze through the whole 40 weeks and some really really struggle. I have to say I had a good pregnancy. I had, what I assume, is an average level of morning sickness for the first 16 weeks. At the time it was horrendous of course. Other than a touch of sciatica when I was 7 months pregnant and feeling tired it was really pretty good!

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Positive Labour Story From A First Time Mum

I mentioned in my Instagram stories that I was a little nervous about putting up this blog post, purely because labour is such a personal story! My reasoning for doing it is because we have all heard it, normally first time Mums tend to go way over their due date and and/or have horrendously long labours. Not what any other first time Mum wants to hear right? Although this might happen to you, it also might NOT happen to you, because in some cases it can be a pretty good labour, like mine, and this is why I want to share my positive labour story from a first time mum with you!

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