Our 5 Most Asked Questions About Moving To Canada

Happy Friday everyone:) This week I thought I would share with you Our 5 Most Asked Questions About Moving to Canada. Over the years we always get asked the same questions so this week I thought I would share with you how life was for us. Obviously it has worked out as over four and half years later, we are still here in Canada! Unfortunately this is not the case for everybody, for some the move is easy, for some it’s not. For some they settle into life in a different country easily, for some they don’t. So here it is, the questions we are asked the most about making the move to Canada!

Lurganboy, Manorhamilton County Leitrim

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Helpful Sites & Groups You Need To Know About When Moving To Canada

Moving abroad is…daunting, exciting, nerve racking and well to be honest, a lot of work! Sorting out visas. Sussing out areas to live in. Finding somewhere to live. Buying furniture. Getting setup and registered with a tax number so you can legally work. Finding a job. Sorting out your driving licence. Setting up bank accounts. I can go on and on! These are only a few of the many tasks you have to deal with when you make the move.

Just remember you are not the first person to move abroad, so there is always plenty of help out there on the internet! Here are some really helpful sites and groups that may make your move to Canada a little bit easier.

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6 Months of Toronto

Richmond Hill

We were very fortunate when we first moved to Canada as a wonderful wee woman called Mrs Little, opened her home to us. There is always someone who knows someone who knows someone! It was such a big help to have someone tell you where you need to go to get your SIN card (basically your PPSN number), recommend a bank, tell you about the bus/subway system etc.

If you are thinking of moving abroad, but are a bit weary of the unknown, don’t be afraid to reach out to people. If you happen to know that the person you work with has a second cousin in the town or city you are going to move to, then ask them for their contact info. Most people don’t mind giving advice/meeting you when you first arrive or introducing you to people and places. This is the best way to make friends and even find a job!

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