Top Tips To De-stress

How do you feel at the end of a long hard day or week? Uptight? Tense? Are you sitting at your desk at work or writing a paper for college and thinking that you might want to throw your computer out the window? We have all been there, whether it’s work, kids or just the madness of life in general. Sometimes counting to ten just doesn’t work! If you saw my Instagram stories last week you would have heard me rant a little when my website was not cooperating for me, which is why I have compiled a list of my top tips to de-stress. These are not ground breaking new ideas, they are just small tips and tricks that I like to use every now and then:)

  • Don’t take five, take ten

The most obvious one I’m sure, but still important. Just stop what you’re doing and put on the kettle. Have a cup of something warm. If you drink herbal teas, chamomile is recommended for its calming effect and is just as good for you as green tea!

  • Change your surroundings

Depending on where you are, if you can get up and go for a walk outside, then do it. Just for ten minutes to get some fresh air and clear your mind.

Whitemud Park, Edmonton Alberta
  • Recognise what you have already accomplished

There are times when things just won’t work for us and we think that we are failing. That’s when you need to pause and recognise what you have already accomplished. This can be anything, nothing is too small. We should all have goals that are larger than life, but also small goals or tasks that we want to achieve, so that we can recognise that we are succeeding and that we have that feeling of accomplishment. So take a step back and think of what you have done lately. Was there something at work that you finally finished working on, or a project for school or college? Did you finally clear out the closet full of rubbish, or start the music lessons that you always wanted to? Every little task that you complete, recognise it.

  • Find some motivation

Is there a motivational or wellness book that you love to read? Take a break, read a chapter and get right back into it! Or scroll through some inspirational, feel good quotes!

  • Realise what’s truly important

I am all about #notsweatingthesmallstuff! If it’s not what I consider to be a ‘real life problem’, then I just don’t let it get to me. So focus on what you have, if you have health and happiness, then you’ve got it all.

  • Work it off

A lot of people love to work out as a way to de-stress. It really is a great release! Remember, you don’t need a gym membership to run the roads or do a work out at home!

I hoped you enjoyed reading and Happy Monday:)

Rachel x

*I am not a mental health professional and encourage those who feel they need to speak to someone, to contact a professional or speak to a friend or family member.

From Ireland Call:

Samaritans 116123

Pieta House 1800 247 247 or text HELP to 51444

From Canada Call:

Mental Health Helpline 1866 531 2600 or click HERE to visit their website

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